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About TechForge

       The goal of TechForge is the pursuit of innovation, technological discovery, and crazy inventions. Here we take outlandish ideas and use new tech, creative thinking, and some good ol' engineering to make them real.

When I Post Videos

      Projects are completed on a project by project basis depending on complexity but videos are being released about monthly as of late. 


      If you want to directly support the construction of these awesome things I do have a Patreon account set up that I think provides value to everyone. I really wanted to focus on tiers that give you, the supporter, something in return for your generosity
















   Social Media 

As always I post updates about each build on Instagram as each project progresses so if you want a sneak peek or see how the build is going be sure to follow. @tech_forge

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The Team

People of TechForge

Beach Walk

Project Manager, Designer, Technician,
Producer, Editor

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